Category: The Story of Us

The TX Poo Incident

January 26, 2017

How do you make a tissue dance?  Put a little boogie in it. These last few days have been a little trying.  We’re running away from cold and colds. Let’s be clear, the travel lifestyle isn’t always “awesome” and “wonderful”.  I wouldn’t change it for the world… but to keep it real, there are small…

White Sands National Monument

January 26, 2017

Making our way through southern New Mexico has been a trip!  We aren’t used to border patrol check points.  The first time we pulled up to one Scott had no idea what was happening and neither did I.  We alternated between, “In America?!?!!?” and “This doesn’t happen in America… this could be a trap.  Be…

Premature Grandparent

January 16, 2017

We’re currently in a campground.  It’s a nice little co-op for Escapees members in Benson, AZ.  As far as I know it’s not exclusively 55+…. but it might as well be.  That’s fine.  We’re used to being the weird young family.  Or maybe, just maybe, they thought Scott was 55+ when he checked us in….

Mission 22

January 16, 2017

An Amator’s Plan is more like a guideline – one possible option that may seem to be the best opportunity at a specific point in time.  As more information is learned, the protocol is subject to change.  Many times.  It drives my mom nuts.  It keeps me on my toes – I love it. Scott and…

Reunited and It Feels So Good

January 13, 2017

No bugs.  No spiders.  No snakes.  No ants.  No bats.  This all seems too good to be true. {So far} I thought when you let RVs sit for awhile, creepy crawlies made them into home.   I get it – it’s comfy.  I suppose that’s because birds and squirrels always felt welcome in Great Grandma Howes’ travel…