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Writing From “Hell Froze Over”, Barbados

September 30, 2018

Despite my best intentions and a lovely picture in my head of hopping around the globe with nothing but backpacks and a sense of adventure, not having a local “home” is rough.  That $%^&# is hard work!  If Thailand taught me 1 thing, it was that we need a base of operations.  It could be…

Holetown, Barbados

September 16, 2018

“Ouch!  Direct hit!  Nailed me in the arm!” Me to Evie. We were in a game of dodgeball-lite, using little green apples we found on the beach. Me to Scott, “Incoming on your 8!” He narrowly avoided a lobbed apple from Jack. The beach is a 5-minute walk for our little rental in Holetown Barbados. …

Baxter State Park: Middle of Nowhere Maine

July 29, 2018

By the light of a cozy campfire I read out loud, “I started to run and found I couldn’t, because of the boulders; that made me frantic and I climbed over them like a cat and yelled and shouted and cried all the time.  I yelled for my dad.  I climbed up as high as…

Great New England Air Show 2018

July 26, 2018

After packing his parachute, he and some of his friends made his way over to the crowd.  The Golden Knights had just opened the 2018 Great New England Air Show by flying the flag during the national anthem followed by an impressive group jump.  He must have been mid to late 20s, dark hair, strong jaw, nice grin. …

And We Swung By Istanbul For Fun

July 17, 2018

If you head to Istanbul, here’s a piece of free advice: If you don’t observe Ramadan AND you only have 6-7 hours to explore, it’s probably best not to show up on the last day of the holy month.  Eid al-Fitr is a very big deal – Christmas-level big deal (maybe even bigger, if that’s…