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There’s A Fish In My Pants, Thailand

Me, with increasing concern closing in on hysteria, “It’s in my pants…. It’s in my pants… IT is IN my pants…. IT’S IN MY PANTS!!!!”  Jack turned to look at me, wide-eyed.   In what is surely TMI, I have on occasion, been known to go commando… sans underoos.  Never again.  Tonight, I became a true […]

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Losing Morale Altitude

Not every day on the road is pretty.   But I don’t want to forget any of it – not even that part. Everyone, apart from Evie, has thrown up within the last 6 days.  Some of us more recently than others and some of us more likely to do so again than others. Jack seems […]

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Breaking Bad

No shit there he was…. it’s one of those stories. Traveling down the highway in Tennessee, at 8:45 am, Nate was asleep on the couch of the RV (buckled in) and Scott was tired but full of coffee and ready for a full day of driving. Scott is still adjusting to driving The Chief.  It’s […]

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