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Fire in the RV

The Start It wasn’t my finest parenting moment.  Certainly not anything I would advocate anyone put into their own “Let’s Get To Bed” practice.  To be fair, the kids pushed and pushed and pushed.  And it was 10:30pm and… momma likes sleep at some point and an RV is actually a really small space. “Go to bed!  Now!!!  Now!  Go […]

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A Laundromat In Ithaca NY

What Happened? Late at night I was asleep in bed when I felt Evie crawl in beside me.  Assuming it was Jack, I didn’t fully wake up.  This is not an unusual occurrence.  It’s an every night occurrence.  I definitely, without a doubt, screwed up the sleep training thing.  Didn’t do it.  Didn’t even try. […]

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Finger Lakes National Forest

Scott, “How does that look?”  Me, “Terrible.”  He pulled forward a bit and then backed up into exactly the same spot.  Him, “How about now?”  Me, “Still terrible.”  He tried again and ended up in the same place.  “How about now?”  Me {in a bored voice}, “Still terrible.”   After about 15 minutes of that […]

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Back In The Game

First post-hiatus attempt Not gonna lie, it’s a little intimidating.  Getting back to writing the blog has been both “at the top of my to do list” and the bane of my existence.  For reasons that aren’t completely clear to me, I haven’t found it in me to sit and write.  It’s not like there’s […]

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