The Amators

A Real Family Traveling Fulltime

If you’re looking for nicely packaged, everything-is-awesome travel stories... you’re not in the right place.  We get our RV stuck in deep sand. We have fish jump into our shorts.  We mistakenly picked the last day of Ramadan for an 8 hour sightseeing layover in Istanbul (when everything is closed).

We have a lot of fun, there’s plenty of "real" too... and that's what makes the memories. 

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traveling in thailand with kids


We capture the good, the bad and ugly in our running travelogue.

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visiting the pyramids in Egypt

Places We've Been

We've been explorers for well over a decade.  We started out as young, single adventurers, adapted our style to married life and we've been troubleshooting our methodology with little people for the past 5+ years.

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solar instal on our RV roof


Because we travel with kids frequently, we're often used to weigh in with opinions on gear.  We've captured some of our must have's here. 

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Welcome to the Tribe

We scour the internet for ideas, talk to other travelers and stumble our way into tips, tricks and deals.  Naturally, friends and family wanted in.  We started an email group.  It grew. And grew.  And grew. Would you like in too?  

It's free and I'm doing it anyway.  Join us. Hope you find some useful takeaways.