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Installing More Solar On Our Outdoors RV Travel Trailer

Installing More Solar In My Ooutdoord RV Project Prep Parts Ordered Installation Results  Project Prep Today I doubled my solar wattage to 340 watts. That felt like it was right up there with, “Today, I made fire.”  Maybe not quite, but it sure did feel good.  I’ll admit that I don’t understand everything solar but this was […]

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Top-A-Rise Campground In

Arrival: We use Passport America to find cheap places to stay when we travel. We’re usually trying to get to where we’re going and typically don’t expect too much more than a decent place to park, a bathroom and, on a good day power and water hookups. The Top-A-Rise Campground was a HUGE surprise for […]

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Building The Van Named Winslow

The Chief is gone… so… what’s next? We thought about a boat. But we’re not ready yet. We thought about backpacking around the world on a shoestring budget but it wasn’t as glamorous in person as we expected. In fact, it can be kind of awful sometimes. So we have decided to get back to […]

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