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I love gold stars!

May 7, 2017

DISCLAIMER: I may make a commission off of the links on this page. Total cost of the repairs in Watsonville: $800 and some change.  I think it was $350 for parts and the rest was labor.  They replaced the solenoid in the air compressor and fixed some lines that were sheered off due to improper…

Catching Up

April 28, 2017

Dropping Mom off at the airport was every bit the disaster I expected.  It was double trouble… full waterworks from both of them.  She’s a pretty big deal to the kids and the same level of excitement when she arrives comes back to bite us when she leaves.  I take it as a great sign….

Pato Blanco in AZ

March 9, 2017

Well, it finally happened: self-inflicted, embarrassing disaster. I’ve been diligent about going through my checklist before starting up and driving off.  I mean, really really good about it.  But we were just moving spots this morning and I was in a hurry and making sure the kids were seated…. and I drove off still attached to…

Heading West

March 8, 2017

Heading south (for the sun) and west (to California) we’ve been seeing some eclectic parts of New Mexico.  There’s some really out-there stuff in this State.  Prove it?  A town name Truth or Consequences.  Why would a town hold a contest to name it?  Weirdos. How about this horror movie gas station: I was desperate…

Mr. Fix It

March 1, 2017

As soon as Scott left, pretty much everything broke.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise, right?!  It gives me something to talk about.  #TurningLemonsIntoLemonade I’m not a handy person.  That’s ok.  I do my best when it’s necessary and I’m a creative user of duct tape.  Thankfully, I come from a family of handy people….