Mr. Fix It

As soon as Scott left, pretty much everything broke.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise, right?!  It gives me something to talk about.  #TurningLemonsIntoLemonade

I’m not a handy person.  That’s ok.  I do my best when it’s necessary and I’m a creative user of duct tape.  Thankfully, I come from a family of handy people.  Even better… one of those handy family members lives in San Antonio.  Uncle Mark invited us to his house and offered and fix some of the things on my to-do list.

Here’s what we got done:

  • Tighten the kitchen faucet
  • Replace the passenger side rear tail/break light
  • Resealed the windshield, rear passenger window and the shower skylight with silicon
  • Changed the fuel filler hose
  • Reattached a storage compartment – we can use it now!
  • Re-positioned the automatic step so it deploys (now the only issue is that the motor isn’t working); fastened it for travel
  • Fixed a severe rattle in the car by removing the thick tin foil heat guard under the muffler
  • Tried to check tire pressure but the tires have more pressure than his checkers can read

This list took a few hours and was paid for in a 6-pack of beer!  🙂  By the way, we didn’t so “some” of the to do list, we did everything that didn’t require a lift.  Awesome!



Fuel filler hose (old):










By the way, a lot of people have asked…. who is uncle Mark?!  Mom has 4 brothers – 2 in Maine, 1 in Hawaii and 1 in Texas.  We parked in Mark and Aunt Kathy’s driveway on a perfect Sunday night and got to watch the Oscars (a fun treat when you don’t have a tv).  The view from their house is beautiful.  This is looking toward San Antonio.