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RV Repairs

DISCLAIMER: I may make a commission from some of the links on this page. Despite multiple trips to garages across the country, the rear air suspension still has a leak.  We wake up to a lopsided RV every morning.  We’ve tried to look for the leak ourselves with some soapy water but we just can’t […]

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Catching Up

Dropping Mom off at the airport was every bit the disaster I expected.  It was double trouble… full waterworks from both of them.  She’s a pretty big deal to the kids and the same level of excitement when she arrives comes back to bite us when she leaves.  I take it as a great sign. […]

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Santa Cruz

We’re an ocean family.  Mom wanted to dip her toes in the Pacific so we decided to take a day trip to Santa Cruz. We didn’t know much about the place.  We headed off in that direction on a recommendation from a stranger.  She suggested we look into real estate out that way if Scott’s […]

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