Turning 2

Mom didn’t realize it at the time, but our overnight at Harris Ranch was the last night she spent in the Chief.  It turns out…. despite not being able to shower daily and wash her hair every Tues and Fri (Monday and Thursday simply will not do) and managing with only an accordion door on the bathroom…. she really loved her crazy road trip.  Funny how being on the road makes everything more… palatable.  Life is just easier and more fun when there are fewer rules.

I will also note that I pushed her outside her comfort zone… often.  She had to do a bunch of things she neither wanted to do nor knew how to do.  That is super good mental gymnastics for the brain.  It might not always feel fun, but I’m keeping her young in the head.  I reminded her of that often.  She was a super good sport about everything, as she always is, and she’s the ultimate traveling companion.

The following day we pulled into our spot outside Auntie Ang and Uncle Brock’s house.  Hello beautiful Bay Area!

My first priority was Scott’s ‘graduation’ dinner.  For all of Scott’s friends who read the blog, if you don’t apply for the Breakline Program, you’re insane.  It’s an unbelievable introduction to Silicon Valley and he made some lifelong friends (and, surprisingly, I think I may have as well) as well as some rock star business connections.

I took the faces out of this photo of the backyard BBQ because I didn’t ask them if it was ok to post the picture.  It’s hard to know good internet etiquette but “when in doubt, take it out” generally keeps me out of trouble.


After we got Scott back {huge sigh of relief…. it’s Navigator for me 100%}…. we didn’t really get him back.  Scott is full-time looking for a job out here now.  He doesn’t have any offers yet, but if I was a betting person (I am), San Fran is going to be our next bed down location.

The one day we had with Auntie Ang and Uncle Brock before they left for a European vacation just so happened to be a big day for the Amators…. Jack’s #2 birthday!  We officially have to pay for 4 airline tickets now.  Here come the expensive years!  He got a special haircut from his uncle, a little party in the backyard and an authentic NASA astronaut helmet.  It was a big day.





Track suit teammates.  #Twinning