I haven’t written anything in well over 2 weeks.  It’s not that I haven’t thought about the blog… it’s that I was swamped and fell asleep every night exhausted.  I can’t overstate how many stories I have rattling around in my head.  But here’s the good news… I have 1-2 along, completely to myself.  This is exciting stuff in my world.  The kids are spending some much needed Dad time at (not particularly proud of this) McD’s with a playground and then the gym with a kids center.  It’s blogging time baby!!

As a reminder… the last post was me patting myself on the back for being such a smartie pants about having the tires checked.  We pulled into a boondocking spot in Quartzsite, AZ and went to bed to a beautiful sunset.  I woke up to this:



Good job, Self?!

It turns out those old sayings are often accurate.  Specifically I’m referring to, “If you want something done right…..”  Happy dude from the tire place that checked the pressure and poked some fun about the rear tires?!  Yeah…. he didn’t catch the fact that the valve stuck and therefore let all the air out of the tire.  How do I know this?  Because these folks who did fix the tire didn’t find any holes but they sure did have to change the valve core:



I’m choosing not to think about how dangerous it was… traveling down Rt 10 in AZ with a front tire that was slowly(??) losing all it’s air.  As if to really bring it home the universe sent us someone who delivered a crystal clear message.  After the tire was fixed and we were hanging around outside one of our neighbors stopped in to let us know that someone had a dog eating off a leash by a coyote last year in this area (no… I don’t believe her…. she was a weirdo and coyotes doesn’t like people).  After that little nugget she randomly came up with this fun anecdote all on her own:  She’s scared of blow outs because she heard of a guy who had one.  While he was swerving trying to get the rig under control his wife went through the windshield and he ran over her, killing her in the road.

GOT IT, UNIVERSE.  Point made.  We dodged a massive bullet.   Don’t be sexist and don’t ask someone else to do something you ought to at least try yourself.

We made use of our extra overnight in the desert.  We played in a nice playground.  We went rock shopping but didn’t buy anything.  I went for a nice run and ran sprints on a soccer field… before reading the sign that poisonous snakes frequent the area.  Snakes 1, coyotes 0.