Goose Island Overlook, Western Glacier

I actually took these photos… myself… with my camera. No, I did not steal them from National Geographic… although they look like I might have, right?!

Since Glacier is so big we didn’t expect to make it to the most eastern entrance but it seemed like the easiest route home after our Jackson Glacier Overlook hike. Legs were rubbery and little people were tired.

Anyone who doesn’t get to this part of the park is really missing out. This is where the bears live!!

Our first bear sighting happened when we got out to look at Goose Island in Saint Mary Lake. The view of the park is breathtaking from way out there. Just as we were all getting back in the van, a black bear stumbled out of the woods and clearly smelled something he wanted on some poor guy’s motorcycle. We all know you’re supposed to stay away from the bears, and he did his best, but he also wanted to protect his bike. So we got a front row seat to a biker shooing away a bear.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we had 3 more bear encounters down the road – 1 more black bear and 2 grizzlies. That does it…. bears are going on our family totem pole. They’re clearly our spirit animal. It was a big giant fun ending to a day filled with terror (Going to the Sun Road), adventure (hiking Jackson Glacier Overlook) and solitude (overlooking the lake and the landscape).

For the record, yes I did get out of the car this time. What can I say, I’m a rebel.