Visiting Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park requires very few words.  The pictures do the talking.  It’s an incredible experience to be in the valley and look up at the grandness of it.

Because of all the rain California received this year, they’ve had a lot of rock slides in Yosemite.  If you drive in the Rt 120 entrance, you can’t get to the valley… which is the entire point of going to Yosemite.  Maybe the stuff up north is nice, but first timers really need to see El Cap and Half Dome and the waterfalls (in my opinion).

We got going early, drove 2 hours south in the car (over the 9% grade…) and went into the heart of the park.

I love the national parks.  Always have, always will. It’s not just wishful thinking that the kids are catching it too.  Evie asks what the next national park is and she can give a pretty decent list of the ones she has visited.  I love that.

El Cap – Josh, thought of you guys when we saw it.  I’m impressed I know someone who actually climbed it!


Half Dome










Lower Yosemite Falls


Next photo: the whole family + some old dude’s finger.  Here’s the deal.  He had cameras.  I thought he would do a decent job.  Turns out, old people have trouble with iphones.  He was a complete mess – a total disaster.  Nate and I laughed and laughed when we saw the pictures.  We actually went back to the same spot and I picked a younger guy to redo the shot after lunch.  Nate seconded my pick) before I was allowed to approach Dude #2.  We finally got the family photo we were after…. I really like the one with the rogue finger in it.



Family Selfie:





Traci’s Picks (DISCLAIMER: I may make a commission off of some of these links.  I only recommend things we use – and usually you can see them in the pictures I post.  Hit me up with questions.)

  • Hatchet: I asked Scott for some of his most useful tools for this section.  His first thought – pocket knife. But unless you were in special operations, you would not be able to get the special knife that he carries… so that’s a bust.  The second thing he said was a small hatchet.  He actually uses it regularly.    So here is the one we have in the RV with us: Fiskars X7 Hatchet 14 Inch  Small, inexpensive, gets the job done.
  • Hair: I bought some of these bun makers for Evie and I on a recommendation from Christy.  They actually work really well (although I don’t think they’re the exact ones that Christy was telling me to get.)  Both Evie and I like them.  We’re wearing our hair up a lot these days. Ponytail Bun Maker.
  • Coffee: Here’s the coffee maker we use.  I think I’ve mentioned that we don’t want to use electricity to make our morning cup of joe (just in case we ever drain the batteries).  I bought this for Scott for Christmas and I’m a convert.  I like that I don’t have to deal with filters.  Metal pour over coffee maker funnel.


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