Here we are at the pre-programmed pause point.  We knew when we left Colombia that I would need to spend a few days collecting our belongings in mid-Sept.  We considered heading south from Maine when we started but with Jody AND Lorna and lots of other folks due west… the decision was easy.   As COO of the Amators I said, “Screw it… I’ll take a few days and fly back when I can’t put it off any longer.”  We’re given 90 days to collect our overseas shipment and whatever we had in storage.  I’m at day 88.  I got my money’s worth.

Scott has the kids.  They’re spending a few days in an Airbnb while the Chief is at the RV doctor.  I tried very hard to get them into a hotel, thinking that a free breakfast and maybe an indoor pool would ease the transition.  It turns out, we were the only ones who didn’t know South Dakota is a hot destination.  It’s a relatively expensive area.  It’s not DC expensive but on a fairly strict budget even a hotel at $100/night hurts.  I briefly considered putting them in a Col. Custer style army tent at $30/night.  Bonus, the owner lives onsite in a teepee.  Scott threw the veto card.  That’s when I found a less expensive, more interesting solution.  We’re renting a stationary 5th wheel.  Scott and the kids have plenty of space (it has a pull out!) and a full kitchen and a bathroom that is hooked up to septic.  They’re on a farm with horses and chickens and rabbits with plenty of room to run.  Erin, the owner, even met with with a fresh dozen eggs from her ladies.  How sweet was that?!

Meanwhile, I’m with some close friends.  Coming to their house feels like coming home – like when I walk into my mom’s house or my brother and sister-in-law’s or my in-laws.  It’s a comfortable relaxing that feels nice.  I also get to sleep in a whole queen size bed… by myself.  How did I never appreciate that feeling in my 20s?!  Someone should have beat the snot out of me, ‘Traci… enjoy your bed now… some day you’ll only have a 1/4 of the mattress real estate you’re currently occupying.’

It wouldn’t be natural if there weren’t some random obstacles to challenge my problem solving skills.  While I *thought* I had set up the delivery by the book, this morning only half of the shipment showed up.  Everything from Colombia arrived but nothing from storage.  I called the moving company. Nope, no record of it.  I tried to call some people I thought could help.  Then I tried to visit some people I thought could help.  When I struck out completely I was deep into plan E or F territory and I really have any solid ideas on how to fix it.

I’ve since been put in touch with the company who will deliver the storage.  I’m waiting on a call back.  I’m hoping they can make the delivery tomorrow which will mean I’ll change my return flight to SD.  This always happens to me…. and it’s the reason I don’t believe in making airplane reservations until the day before I intend to travel.  Every time I do it, I have to change the ticket (and that costs something ridiculous).  Let’s all agree to mess with the airlines and stop making reservations.

Will I be in SD tomorrow?  Who knows.  I always have fun seeing how these little hiccups work themselves out. I do know that if not tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to SD the day after.  Being away from Scott and the kids is really really really hard. I miss them very much.




skinned knee (no, I can’t see it either)



ugly turkeys