Monument Valley

In order to see Antelope Canyon, I routed us through Denver thinking that surely the weather would be good by mid-May.  As we were heading in that direction, they got 3 feet of snow.  Fluke.  I wasn’t worried.

One of the unexpected benefits of this route was a trip through Monument Valley, AZ and/or UT (it sits on the border).  Scott had been looking forward to seeing it our whole trip (which wasn’t conveyed until we were actually seeing it – always helpful).  It looks… just like a western movie.  I think it was greener than usual when we saw it.

Wanna see Scott’s butt pucker really fast?  (Look at both of them.)

Mexican Hat (very hard to see in my not-very-good photo – Scott didn’t want to stop so it was taken at 65 mph).  The population of the nearby town of the same name: 31.

This route took us back through Moab.  This is one of Scott’s new favorite places in the U.S.  We picked a different (but equally as good as the last) boondocking spot just off of Rt 191.   We made a fire.  The kids got pickies in their feet because they refused the sage advice to wear shoes.  The dog ran free.  It was fantastic, easy overnight.

…Until I lost part of my tooth… again.  This veneer has been the bane of my existence since I got it.  Go ahead and laugh, Bogota.  You told me so.

That black dot on my tooth is also part of the problem.  It’s not some nasty food.  The glue reacted to my saliva and now I have a black dot which you can only see when the half of the veneer falls out.  One word: glamorous.

And then Scott took a look at the map.  “Oh no, we’re not going that way,” He announced.  Huh?  “Well look, Traci.  That brings us right through the Rockies.”  Yes… that is sort of a given if you’re going to travel any distance through Colorado.  It’s sort of… famous… for its mountains.  Scott, “We’ll go through Albuquerque.”

I get it.  I really go.  It was the smart call.  I just wish he would have looked at the map before I drove us 2 nights out-of-the-way.  Thankfully, I had “oops” days planned into our schedule so we weren’t exactly behind.  But still… it’s the principle of the matter.  I went to bed salty (but woke up snuggling with a warm, wiggly little Jack so all was well).


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