Old Faithful Isn’t Always On Time And Other Secrets of Yellowstone

Today is the day to see Old Faithful.  It goes off consistently every 90 minutes, plus or minus 13 minutes.  I woke up and checked the schedule to get an idea of when we should drop by and I see this:



If you can’t read it, it says something to effect of, “Last eruption, 7 h 25m.”  We picked the day Old Faithful broke.  Outstanding.  7.5 hours since the last eruption?  Seriously?!  What next?  Is the whole volcano getting ready to blow?  Come on now.

It turns out everything resumed as normal…. maybe they don’t track the eruptions at night?  I don’t know.  All I know is the geyser performed on schedule during the day.








Geyser alley

Hot Springs


The unique factor in this photo is not the Chief.  It is the fact that the parking lot for Old Faithful is almost empty.   Best time to go!


There is a Great Grey Owl in this photo.  Very rare.  Very exciting. I know where to look and I can’t see him.  I need some photography lessons.  Look at the black tree in the middle-right, then look left. He’s in the next pronounced tree.  We watched him turn his head almost all the way around.