Smale Park

With a little time to kill in Cincinnati, we decided to hit up Smale Park. It was mentioned in several places as a nice afternoon outing.  That’s a huge understatement.  This place is awesome.  At this point we’re park connoisseurs (who ever would have guessed that would be in my future 10 years ago?!) and this one ranks up there in our top 3.  It’s a do not miss if you have kids and you’re in Cincinnati.  It’s ranked #4 of 161 things to do in Cincinnati on Trip Advisor.








Check out the hot fanny pack.   #StudMuffin     The other side of the river is Kentucky. Who knew!?










Our history/physics lesson for the day, courtesy of Scott:  This is an Archimedes Screw.  This machine was historically used to transfer water from a low-lying body of water into an irrigation ditch.  Water is pumped by turning the screw inside a pipe.  It is commonly attributed to Archimedes during his visit to Egypt.  It was also used in the Netherlands to drain the lands that were lower than sea level.  Who knew?!












Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without some sort of disaster.  Evie kissed the springy rubber ground after tripping down a hill near the slides.  She rolled so far she hit the edge of the cement pavement and has a lovely red patch and scrapes above her eye and on her cheek.  Man, can they never just have fun and walk away unscathed?!  Like a champ, she brushed it off and kept on going. I guess we’ll know it’s bad if one of them ever decides to take a brake after one of their mis-adventures.