Yellowstone – Day 3

This is how our third and final day in Yellowstone started out:






As usual these days, we were slow in getting started on our third and final day in Yellowstone.  We had camped at a place about 6 miles beyond the western entrance of the park (aka tourist town – we’ll avoid it when we come back).  The campground was having a soft closing – meaning it a day after they were closed for the season… but they still let us camp there for $45.  That’s steep for a place that doesn’t have toilets available – but it’s Yellowstone and that was actually a discount.  That morning we decided to change campgrounds to save a little money and set us up for the drive towards Salt Lake City the following day.

We entered the park a little before noon and beelined it for the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  We saw the lower falls (308 ft) but couldn’t get a decent shot of them from the upper rim.  That explains why there was so much traffic headed to the lower rim drive.  Inspiration point was closed and quite frankly… I didn’t mind.  The overlooks just about did me in.  The heights are impressive and, in truly unAmerican form, the fences were questionable.  I think my height awareness is getting worse as I get older.






It’s progressively getting more and more chilly.  We’re now dropping into the low 40s, high 30s at night.  During the day we’ve been getting rain, thunderstorms (you’ll see a big mean looking one in the pictures) and plenty of sun.  But it’s cold sun.  We’re at the comfortable limit of what we brought for cold weather gear – jackets, scarves, mittens, sweaters….






After the canyon we headed over to the paint pots, hot springs, fumerols and more geysers.





Honestly, with as much activity as there was in the area, the walkway is a “best guess” at where to step to not win a one way ticket to the middle of the earth.















The colors are microorganisms that thrive in heat.   This pool is a deep turquoise but we couldn’t see it well because of the steam.





The buffalo enjoyed the heat on this chilly fall day as well.



Happy day of adventuring.