We Saw Them

Folks – we did it.  We made it to Cincinnati with 48 hours to spare to see our friends.  They just got the best news in the world – cleared hot to return to their home.  Their little one is healthy, can continue treatment in her home and they are all relieved and truly happy.  For you guys that know them, I can tell you that they are happy – not ‘putting on a good face for us’ happy, but deep down happy. It’s obvious that they have been through real hell and they are on the other side with open hearts.  Fair winds and following seas loved ones… we’ll see you on the flip side.

We’re in a public campground just north of Cincinnati.  As you are well aware, I was not thrilled to be in O-Hi-O and we would have skipped it altogether if it weren’t for the VIPs.  I was called out by my girlfriend on my poor attitude, “What’s the deal with the Debbie Downer on O-Hi-O?!  It’s nice here.”  That’s accurate, it IS nice here.  I’ll come clean.  In grad school I was a woman scorned.  Yup, true story.  Hard to believe, I know it.  I had a boyfriend and some little minx from O-Hi-O stepped in and stole him.  (I made sure to be her karma, of course… but those are stories to have over campfires and beers.)  I’ve never forgiven O-Hi-O for producing her.  Jody pointed out that after 20 years and “everything working out pretty dang well” it might be time to let that grudge die a unceremonious death – especially since I can’t actually remember her name.

I’m kinda digging the place.  I still wouldn’t necessarily live here, but Cincinnati has grown on me.  We’re staying about 20 minutes outside of downtown and we’re on a lake.  So, in the spirit of recognizing my poor judgement and refining my perspective based on new information, O-Hi-O, I will no longer talk bad about you and I will share our nice time together with people who ask in the future.