Thank You

I just got my first check from Amazon.  This blog is officially earning money.  We are monetized.  Pinch me.

I made…. $27.23.

It’s not how much, it’s that we went from none to some.  It’s the pride of actually earning a few pennies to rub together.  I’m genuinely excited to get the check.  I also get a kick out of the fact that I earned it based on writing…. which is not something I ever, in 100000 years, would have guessed was possible.  I’m neither an author nor an artist.  But I sure do like telling stories.

How will I spend it all?!?!  I’m back and forth… will go towards 8 gallons of gas (i.e. 35 whole MILES of driving!!!) or will we get an ice cream tonight and put a little in the piggy bank?!?!

Thank you, VIPs.  We sincerely appreciate that you used the Amazon link.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.14.18 PM

P.S. Featured Image photo (at the top) – credit goes to Evie.