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Sales & The Most Glorious Secretary

I got this in my inbox yesterday morning from my mother-in-law: Subj:  Christmas is Coming (She’s not a Game of Thrones fan – it’s purely a coincidence… made me chuckle anyway.   ‘Prepare yourself for what lies ahead…. the holidays are here…. ‘  Fighting White Walkers / Dragon Fights / Christmas Shopping…. I can see my […]

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Thank You

I just got my first check from Amazon.  This blog is officially earning money.  We are monetized.  Pinch me. I made…. $27.23. It’s not how much, it’s that we went from none to some.  It’s the pride of actually earning a few pennies to rub together.  I’m genuinely excited to get the check.  I also […]

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Finishing Up in New England

It turns out…. writing the blog is only easy when minor bad luck is having its way with us.  When everything is hunky dory…. I end up with something that’s borderline boring.  How…. unsatisfactory.  Fortunately/Unfortunately our final days in New England have been drama free, fun times with family and friends.  Tomorrow it is goodbye snow and […]

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