Laundry Service

Ok Bogota – this one’s for you.  You and I were right.  I hate doing the laundry.  It’s been about 2 weeks on the road (so clearly I’m an expert).  So far I’ve had to do laundry twice.  I don’t like it.

Here is my laundry cart:


Here are my laundry helpers.  I choose to do laundry when the kids are my sole responsibility because I like a good challenge and it’s fun to give the other campers something to laugh about.





I checked 3 times – yes, they can breath.

I have spent $12 in quarters and I’ve tapped out my supply.  I’m not entirely sure how to solve this problem because our bank doesn’t seem to have any branches in the middle of the country (or really outside of DC).  Grocery store maybe?  No idea.

To date I have only used campground washer/driers. I plan to stick with this method. I practiced at a real laundry mat – one out in the wild…. in middle-of-no-where Lewiston, Maine – with my mom before we departed.  No, I’m not making that shit up… we seriously did a practice run.  I hated it more than the campground laundry facilities so at least I have that going for me.

Yesterday after doing all the laundry (novel in and of itself because I’ve been so spoiled these last few years with Yannet) AND folding it AND putting it away, I thought I’d get a laundry breather for at least 4-5 days.  Then this morning the dog jumped up on the bed at the crack of dawn and promptly hoarked up some disgusting yellow goo.  Surprise – today is ANOTHER laundry day!  Now to find more quarters….