Maiden Voyage

Scott bought The Chief in southern California.  We are setting up residency in Texas for a whole bunch of reasons… and we will learn to love it there but it’s highly doubtful we will ever be Texans in the true sense of the word.  You folks are a special breed of people (said with all due respect).  I just don’t see myself saying things like “ya’ll” (even though it is much easier to say than ‘you all’ or ‘all of you’) and I understand that you can break in cowboy boots but they just aren’t comfortable on my giant New England feet.  I digress.

We had to get the RV from California to Texas.  Good thing it runs.  Scott took off form SoCal with the GPS indicating a 23 hour drive.  He was going to try to do it in 2 days more or less.  Turns out, The Chief tops out around 60-65 on the straighaways.  The maiden voyage under the command of Captain Scott took 44 hours of driving time.  It didn’t break down (see… I told you it would be fine, Todd).  But the crazy desert winds did rip the awning off somewhere in AZ.

Scott also got to give it a bona fide leak test in a downpour in Texas.  So far so good.  Here are some of the first pictures:




The last one is the awning, duct taped and put safely inside the RV until we can figure out how to fix it.