In Desperate Need of a Real Shower

“Why don’t we get to ride in a horse car?  That’s way better! Can we trade the Chief for one?”  Evie was particularly interested in the idea of a stage coach after we spent our last full afternoon in the greater Moab area on a hike around an old stage coach way station.  Novel idea, but no.  This was the halfway point between the train station and Arches for the truly intrepid travelers of long ago.  I can’t even imagine what that was like.  Isn’t it funny to think about what people will think of us in 200 years?




Necessity is the mother of all invention. Note – this was not Machu Picchu or Egypt or heck, even Stone Henge level construction techniques.


For Uncle Joe.



This isn’t going to sound like much, but trust me, it was a crapload of work.  We came into a campground in Moab after 5 nights of boondocking to sort ourselves out.  Boondocking is, hands down, the best way to see the U.S.  You get the best spots, solitude, no rules and views unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a campground.  That being said, we do find it necessary to emerge from our secret little paradise spots for things like laundry, reliable electricity (our solar is still buggy), a robust shower and groceries.  In the last 18 hours I have: washed almost every dish we have (some of them twice), swept and Swiftered the floor, done 5 loads of laundry (the last one, as usual, was a *surprise* after Scott got mustard on his favorite shirt at dinner), made a fresh loaf of bread, made fresh pizza dough and put it in the freezer (I would have made a second but I ran out of time), showered the little people (including a complete comb out of all the snarls in Goldilocks hair), showered myself, made dinner and breakfast, cleaned the bedroom and bathroom and walked the dog twice (something that doesn’t have to happen in boon docking sites – we just let him run).  I even started my first attempt to write an article… I have no confidence I’ll be any good at that, but I’m surprised to discover that I’d like to give it a shot.  The Huffington Post thing gave me a little boost of, “What the heck… why not try it?!”

Before we head out again, we’re hitting the grocery store while Scott works from a coffee shop.  Then we’ll be in the wind again (which only means that we’ll be on dirt road somewhere – we don’t go without internet for more than a day – I’ll still be calling my mom to ask how to make hard boiled eggs, as usual).  Between here and Zion we’re planning to visit Goblin State Park, Capitol Reef National Park (anyone else never heard for this one?) and Bryce Canyon.  We’re skipping Canyonlands National Park – it gives us something to return to and there’s every indication that it’s a bit too wild with 2 little people.  I like adventure but I don’t want to be that stupid family who gets themselves lost and has to burn the RV tires to stay warm while we winter in a lost canyon in Utah.  Anyway, I understand it’s fairly Spartan between here and… I don’t know… California?  Correct me if I’m wrong.  In the meantime, I’m stocking up like they did in the 60s when the Russians were coming (how timely – looks like we’re heading full tilt into round 2 of that mess).

What else?!  In general we’re doing really well.  After Evie’s meltdown about having no friends, we’ve been able to secure playing with new friends every day for the last 4 days.

Special visitors to the Chief and now friends of the family. Great to meet you Rick and Kim and little people.


And there’s always this motley crew.

Most recently she made a little friend at the campground.  They built sandcastles together for almost 2 hours.  Jack’s feet are heeling up nicely.  It looks like he was a human pin cushion but it doesn’t seem to other him at all.  We all have chapped lips and stuffy noses.  We’re ‘tan’ for a family with translucent skin.  Scott and I are losing weight (me faster than him… for once!! Thanks kids).

Tame deer at the campground. I know you can’t see them but they’re only… 50 ft +/- away.

Last night was the night after the Hunter full moon.  We’ve gotten the kids out of bed to see it the last 3 nights in a row.  It’s been a lot of fun.  My mom did that for me for the Northern Lights when I was just a little bit older than Ev.  The moon is really Jack’s thing… he loves it.  He looks for it every evening and every morning.  We call it “Mona” (which is Jack’s attempt at luna – Spanish for moon).