Home for the Holidays

We’re in Maine.  It was -17 deg F this morning when we woke up (before factoring in the wind chill).  Home for the holidays.  This feels so much better than 70 deg and sand.  Scott does not share my enthusiasm.  He insists that the snowbirds have it right- get the heck out of dodge after Christmas and stay gone until at least June.





Mom waited for the kids to be home to dig the carrots out of the garden.  Think I’m kidding?  I am not.  They spent 30 minutes hauling in carrots and frozen earth for dinner tonight…. on a sled.  #MaineTheWayLifeShouldBe


Mom, the kids and I needed to run some errands this morning and Scott needed a quiet house to work.  We headed out to the farmer’s market, the grocery store, the jewelry store, the home improvement store and the bank.  In the middle of all that we stopped at McDonald’s.  It’s not my favorite…. it’s not even my fourth choice…. but it was on the route and they have french fries.

While we were eating, Evie did something that earned her a high five.  Ever since we first read How to Count to 10 in Binary, Evie and I have given ‘binary high fives’.  That… right there… is a geek master level 10.  At level 10 I acknowledge that we are solidly running with Real Genius fans / CalTech graduates / Black Hat 2017 attendees.  We eat Star Trekkers for lunch.  I’m ok with that.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about…. no worries.  Even most computer programers would do a double take.  Counting in binary is counting in base 2 (on or off) and it’s how machine language works (aka how your computer does what it does).  A binary high five is a pinky and middle finger up, all other fingers down.

The guy behind the McD counter looked over at our table and asked if everything was ok in a slightly concerned sort of way.  Confused, I smiled and said, “Sure.”  When Evie popped her head up next to me and it was obvious we were playing he said, “Oh…. oh, ok. I just thought you were flipping me off.”  HA!… so many thing wrong with that.  Me, “No Sir, I’m not flipping you off.  I’m throwing binary high fives with my 3 year old.  Merry Christmas.”  Him {still confused}, “Yup, ok.  Merry Christmas.”  Mom shook her head, also confused.  Do these kids have zero shot at being normal?!  Don’t answer that, peanut gallery.  That includes you, Sticky.





So check out this dude.  I assume it’s a dude… it really has to be a dude.  He’s living in sub zero temperatures with little more than an extra wall of insulation on one side of his RV in a Walmart parking lot in Auburn, Maine.  He’s been there at least 4 days.  My hat is off to you, Sir.  You win the Brass Balls of 2016 award.  Congratulations!