Bryce Canyon

Because we’re officially national park addicts AND we’re on the Grand Staircase we picked a small RV park on the outskirts of Panguitch, Utah to set us up for visits to Bryce Canyon and Zion.  Never heard of Panguitch?  Really? I can’t imagine why.  We’re in the middle of… nowhere.  I’m currently in the throes of an intense love hate relationship with Utah.  I think this state might be our biggest, best discovery to date… but why does it have to be so weird?  It constantly feels like the awkward pauses during a really good blind date.  Why can you only buy 3% beer at the grocery store (IF you can find it at all)!?!?  And why are ALL the stores closed on Sunday?  Have you ever heard of a grocery story being closed on Sunday?  Ever?  In your entire life has it been impossible to buy a gallon of milk on a Sunday?  And the kids overheard some lady on a trail scoffing at the idea that “dinosaurs” had been in the area as though she was talking about dragons or unicorns.  *Big Scientist Sigh*  A very confused Evie quietly said to me, “But we saw their footprints.  They were here.”  (Of course they were, Ev. Unlike mythical dragons, dinosaurs actually did roam planet earth.)  If this place could simmer down just a touch on the wacky, it might be perfect.

When it comes to national parks though… wow ,do they do it right?!  Southern Utah is beautiful, accessible and fun.  We’re loving it.

We spent a day at Bryce Canyon and got in a nice afternoon hike on Queens Garden and the Navajo Trail.  Going down was easy.  I’m still feeling the ‘coming up’ in my glutes.  Scott and I traded off carrying Jack while Miss Independent declared she wanted to do all the switchbacks by herself.








Lunch on the trail