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There’s A Fish In My Pants, Thailand

July 17, 2018

Me, with increasing concern closing in on hysteria, “It’s in my pants…. It’s in my pants… IT is IN my pants…. IT’S IN MY PANTS!!!!”  Jack turned to look at me, wide-eyed.   In what is surely TMI, I have on occasion, been known to go commando… sans underoos.  Never again.  Tonight, I became a true…

40th Birthday Day – Mu Ko Lanta National Park

July 17, 2018

I turned to Evie {seriously}, “If those monkeys get in here, you are going to throw your ice cream and run like hell.  Got it?”  Evie, with large eyes {equally seriously}, “Yes mommy.  Got it.  If those monkeys come in here I’m gonna run as fast as I can with my ice cream to get…

Koh Phi Phi – The Beach

July 11, 2018

Not all beaches in Thailand are created equal.  Thanks to the country’s seriously strong marketing skills, I was under the impression that the southern part of Siam is covered in pristine white sugar beaches.  That’s… not entirely accurate.  Those ’10 out of 10’ beaches exist, sure.  Just not where we were (giant black eels lurking in…

When There Is No Emergency Room, But You Know You Need One!

July 3, 2018

Ker-thump.  I was off the bed, scooping Jack up from the cement floor in less than a heartbeat. Even though he’s a monkey, Jack was in a little bit too much of a hurry to climb the ladder to the top bunk.  Evie, who was already on the top bed, later told us, “I saw…

Koh Lanta, Thailand

June 28, 2018

Sitting in the restaurant on the beach at sunset drinking my second beer, we’d been there a grand total of 2 hours, the vibe was settling into my bones nicely.  The tide was out so the coral was exposed and the kids (and only our kids – no other kids) were happily playing in tide…