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Click To Use The Amator’s Amazon Affiliate Link! It turns out mischief is hard to come by in the midwest.   It’s a low-key, wholesome kinda place (at least to an outsider passing through – I’m sure there’s plenty of Footloose stuff going on somewhere).  That’s lovely and all, but I have this itch that […]

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Progress Report

Mike and Ellen – I’m thinking of you guys as I write this one.  If When you get serious about that wild hair and decide to strike out across the U.S. in your RV, I thought some of our numbers might be a useful reference.  I planned to do this for our records anyway – so why […]

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You’re Welcome

Citizens of Keokuk, Iowa: YOU ARE WELCOME.  Thanks to the intrepidness of The Amators, you had one night of less vice than normal.  Which vice?  We do not know… but we suspect it was at least one, potentially more, possibly three or four.  How do we know you had less?  The evidence strongly suggests this was the […]

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Mark Twain

We’re heading into friendly territory – at least I hope it’s friendly and not $$$$$$ territory.  We’re taking the Chief to it’s mothership to get tune up.  On our way north, we need to make a few overnight stops so we don’t completely drive the kids (and ourselves) into the ground.  It turns out, about 2 […]

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Seriously? Again?

Here’s what you don’t want to hear, “He’s peeing again, Mommy.”  No good… just no good. There’s good news and there’s bad news.  The good news is that I’ve learned to trust my get when it comes to the RV.  Everything was so new and there have been plenty of times when I thought.. and […]

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