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There’s A Fish In My Pants, Thailand

July 17, 2018

Me, with increasing concern closing in on hysteria, “It’s in my pants…. It’s in my pants… IT is IN my pants…. IT’S IN MY PANTS!!!!”  Jack turned to look at me, wide-eyed.   In what is surely TMI, I have on occasion, been known to go commando… sans underoos.  Never again.  Tonight, I became a true…

It’s Going To Be Fine

February 21, 2017

I dropped off Scott at the airport and took a deep breath.  I did some of that Oprah motivational talking to myself. For the first time, I became Captain Traci. “You can do this.  It’s going to be fine.” By noon, we were sitting in the breakdown lane on Highway 45 in Houston.   By 1:00 pm…