Spending Time With Edyne

The goal was to head out of San Antonio and hit Santa Fe to visit my maternal grandfather’s widow, Edyne.  This was our first major jump – 750 miles – without Scott.  San Antonio to Santa Fe.  We made it!

I’m a big huge fan of Santa Fe.  It’s like a big sister to Sedona – same arty, hippie energy.  More expensive (if that’s possible).  Really fun place to spend some time.

We met Edyne at a little restaurant for lunch.  Counterculture had great food and toys for the kids.  More of those kind of restaurants please!  Edyne had one caveat to our meeting… a little pre-test.  If we failed, she was prepared to give us some of Nelson’s things and split.  Luckily, we passed.  The test was highly political in nature.  😉

We spent several hours chatting and getting to know her.  She told us stories about Nelson and their life together. Hearing about him from his life partner and love was really interesting and fun and different.  What an interesting person he was… full of passion and always searching.  She also described him as intensely handsome.  He was 70s-stylish… based on the pictures I can personally vouch for that.

After lunch she invited us to her house to see her art studio.  Along the way, we stopped at a rock shop.  The kids love rocks and I love encouraging them.  Evie had her heart set on a few.  I told she could get them if she completed the transaction herself.  I handed her a $5 and stepped away.  She did so good.  The shop owner was delighted he had such a young customer.



Edyne’s house in a canyon surrounded by beautiful New Mexico landscapes.  She and her husband Allan designed it themselves. Unfortunately he never got to see if finished.  But it has several studios and their art is throughout the house and outside.  Evie and Jack like this piece. It’s called “Tin Man”.





Edyne with Mom and Evie in one of the studios.



Part of the package she put together for us was some of Nelson’s publications.   Uncle Lance had already found this one online I think… but now we have several more copies.  It contains a healing massage technique Nelson learned from the Blackfeet Indians during his stay with them.  I’m sending my copy to Denise… I can’t wait to try it with her the next time we’re home!  Family – we’ll have these at Pink Camp this summer so everyone can see them and make copies if you want one.




After our visit, Mom, the kids and I briefly walked around Santa Fe.  It’s a colorful artist haven… and it’s way more expensive than I could afford. A cup of coffee (normal… drip coffee… {organic… but still})… $4.



All my Colombia folks – doesn’t this look like that little market in Cartagena?!


No one wants to walk.  Great.