Science Time!

By all standards, we are currently living a totally 100% normal life.  Relatively speaking, this is fairly unusual for us.  We are all enjoying a proper summer in Maine.

The indoctrination process starts young in Maine.  “Lobsters are interesting.  Lobsters are great.  Rack ’em and stack ’em, charge by weight!  Beware the claws.  Cockroaches of the sea.  The cold Maine water makes them as sweet as can be.”  This one was appropriately named Dinner.

Most days we wake up and everyone has their hot drink.  Evie can’t bring herself to do much before she’s had her cup of hot cocoa.  Diva! (I can barely say my name before I’ve had my coffee… oh, hello there little mirror…  how unsporting of you to force some self-realization on me.)

Then we do science experiments.  Nothing too fancy yet.  We’re getting our science-sea-legs under us before we use fire or explosions or weather balloons.

And this old favorite… shaving cream slime:

I asked Ev if square bubbles existed. She thought.  Nope.  So we set out to prove her right or wrong.

Many days we stop at the ice cream store.  Since this photo was taken they have been banned from eating in the car.

The kids play outside, check the mailbox, garden with mom, invent games, kill slugs and kick balls.  At the end of the day, they’re usually both exhausted.  Meanwhile, Scott and I are busy working on our online projects.  As laid back as it is to be here, it’s not entirely relaxing right now.  We’re in the final month of the sabbatical.  We’re cleaning up the RV and fixing little things to get it ready to sell ASAP.  I’m having a lot of feelings.