We received an awesome email from J.  He’s not one to waste time on drivel – so he gave us a bulleted list of things he’d like to know about.  Awesome.  We’re accepting more input.

A lot of J’s questions are going to be addressed by Scott.  Specifically, he’s excited to explain how he’s been working out.  It’s eclectic… enough so that the guy in the next campsite stopped me when the kids and I were out for a walk, “So, your husband has served?”  Me, “Yes.”  Him, “Is he still active?” Silly me, I mistakenly thought he meant… is he still an active person (which seemed like an add question)?  …obviously one of my blonder moments.  Once we got it cleared up that he’s an active person but no, he’s no longer serving, the guy said, “I watched him doing his… I’m not sure… exercises?!  That’s pretty creative stuff.  Impressive.”  Me (with a knowing laugh), “Thanks, he’ll be happy to hear that.”

For my part, I’ve started running again.  Just so we’re crystal clear, I hate running. No one hates running more than me.  I’m not a small lady. I feel like a lumbering jackass trying to clear a path for Paul Bunyan as I make my way down the road.  I look goofy, I sound worse and I turn bright red (because one of my “gifts” is translucent skin).  In a truly unsat twist of fate, running works for me…

…which leads me to my theory on exercise  It’s based on a whopping study group of 2, so be advised that it’s not scientific.  I’m convinced ladies with the body type best and most optimistically described as “would excel in olympic weight lifting” benefit the most from running (or it’s close cousins walking, sprinting and generally  hustling from spot 1 to spot 2) when trying to slim down.  As this process is uncomfortable (2 words: thigh rub and/or boob bounce), it’s just not fair.  However, I have a girlfriend who is tall, thin, and freakishly strong.  She started out that way… so she kind of sucks as a subject of study.  When she runs, according to her, “nothing much happens”.  When she lifted weights, again according to her, she transformed into a really really freakishly strong, curvey, ass kicker.  She really didn’t enjoy it in the beginning but has since changed her tune.  (Really universe?!  karma is going to get you).  If I lift weights, I just look like a tree (not a pretty small twig, a giant oak tree).   My point?  I’m convinced you have to do the opposite of what you are comfortable doing in order to make big physical changes.

I’m running.  Scott is doing his thing.  We’re taking bike rides. We want to go hiking but we haven’t found the time or the right place to take the kids yet.  We’re swimming.  We’re finally… finally… finally living outdoors.  That was one of the many goals we had this year.