So… I’m pretty sure we’re going to be stuck at Grandmom’s house for eternity (or at least the entirety of this year).  Of course that’s not the intention, but we’re certainly running into plenty of “opportunities to flex our problem solving skills” before we *finally* head West.

Yesterday the Chief wouldn’t start.  Scott and I went to no less than 6 car stores to buy “cables with boots” and spark plugs and caps….  (by the way, car stores are super boring and why do the sales people {mostly men} talk forever during check out?! Does every man really have to express a personal opinion on the Patriots line-up?! And dudes think shopping with women is bad… Oh please.)  After all that didn’t work, Scott watched a YouTube video on how to troubleshoot the issue.  Turns out a little ethanol on the carburetor did the trick.  The engine roared to life.  There’s some issue with the fuel system, but it’s not a showstopper.  We’ll just make sure to keep a little ethanol with us until we can get it properly fixed.  As for all the stuff Scott changed, the engine sounds much better.  Maybe that’s an attempt to make the couple of hundred dollars we spent hurt a little less, but go with me.  It purrs nicely now.

Today Scott had a pre-op consultation at the VA for a hernia in his belly button.  He’s had this awhile (and let’s call a spade a spade, he could have easily had it fixed before right now).  We weren’t sure what they were going to say in terms of time frame.  Well… it’s scheduled for the 8th of August.  Obviously, health and well-being is the priority so we’ll be at that appointment.  That pushes real lift-off until at least the 10th of 11th (if not later).

Don’t get me wrong. We love New England.  There’s nothing better than New England in the summer.  But it wouldn’t be terrible to see… Michigan in the summer.  Or Minnesota.  Or the Dakotas.  We’re ready to hit the road for parts unknown.  To keep me from climbing the walls I think we’ll go spend some time in the Green Mountains in New Hampshire and see a little of Vermont.  I haven’t spent much time in Vermont and it might be fun to see the real hippies in their native habitat.