Grey Beards Q1

Ok WCE, here we go.  Game time.  We drove the Chief from Mass to Maine last night(about 3.5 hours).  Everything was fine.  Pulled into the drive way, turned it off, went to bed.  Scott tried to start it this morning and we now have a problem.  It turns over (no hesitation).  It cranks but there is no attempt to start.  Scott thought it was electrical so we replaced the distributor cap and rotor, the distributor coil and spark plugs and spark plug wires.  We’re continuing to have the same issue – turns over just fine but there’s still not attempt to start.

The Chief has a 1985 454 Chevy engine.  It smells like it’s getting fuel.

Open to any suggestions you may have – what might the problem be?!  How can we proceed with troubleshooting?! I’ve asked the only person I know in town who might know if there’s a traveling mechanic that can come to the house.  That may sound like a pipe dream…. but that’s exactly what we would do in Bogota, so I’m at least checking to see if that’s an option here.

Thanks in advance for giving us a little of your time.  It’s sincerely appreciated.