Breaking What?!

It turns out we were wrong – you and I.  In all fairness, not entirely wrong but we hadn’t hit the nail on the head.  Everyone thought the Chief looked so much like the RV in Breaking Bad… and wasn’t it hysterical that Scott was pulled over and searched for drugs?!?! …just like something that would happen to poor Walt.  We’ve heard about the resemblance from just about everyone and had a jolly laugh over it many many times.

While it’s close, it’s obviously not the same RV from the tv show.

But what if… what if we happened to learn today that the Chief actually was in a movie.  Ok, not our vin number, but the same make and model… off by a year but as no significant changes were made in those 2 years it’s actually the same one.

I’ll start broad and get deep.  Tell me when you guess.

  • Eagle 5
  • 1987
  • President Skroob
  • Lone Star and Barf
  • Pizza the Hut
  • Mel Brooks

Ok, if you don’t know it by now, you won’t.  Google “Spaceballs RV” and behold… a 1986 Winnebago Chieftain in all it’s glory.

Our neighbors in this campground thought we knew and were so excited to talk to us.  “When you guys pulled in we couldn’t stop laughing.  We knew we were going to like you.”

Of course… now we need wings and space engines.