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These last few months have been hurtful to the old pocketbook.  We stayed well outside of the valley to facilitate Scott’s interview.  We moved as far as we could east and south to a place that was recently flooded by all the rain.  While the owners don’t seem terribly motivated to get everything back in working order, […]

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Right in the middle of necklace making, Jack took a bead that Evie wanted.  There were literally hundreds of the same beads at her finger tips.  She went full offensive.  She landed a fist on top of his head, a solid bop, and it looked like there was more fire power coming in behind it.  […]

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End of Visit

For the second half of Nate’s week, we headed to a KOA that lives between Santa Cruz and Monterey.  This is not our normal M.O.  However, we met a lovely family at an SVRA (State Vehicular Recreation Area) who told us about it and Nate was interested.  Very interested. While Scott and Nate spent the […]

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