We’re Baaaaaack…

Yesterday was so terrible we didn’t even take any pictures.  We had a 4 am wake up.  The kids were a complete disaster on the first flight.  At one point I turned to Jack and said, “The next time we fly you’re going to have to ride in a crate so you can be with your own kind.”  That was an attempt at an improvement…. I had to say something snarky to release a little bit of the gathering steam but I wanted to avoid accidentally letting it slip that he was an “asshole” (like the last time I got really mad).  He’s understands words now, but I hope not metaphors so… minor improvement.

The kids improved dramatically by the second flight and even managed to make friends with the people in our immediate area.  Mom and Uncle Chris met us at the airport to collect our 8 x 50 lb bags (no joke… some of them were even a little over the limit), 2 car seats, 1 stroller, 4 carry-ons and, of course, the dog.  We rolled into Grandmon’s at a little over midnight, unloaded and then I crashed.

Scott was left at a hotel in Boston.  He’ll be meeting up with Nate so they can fly down to Texas tomorrow.  They’re going to reunite with The Chief, see if it starts and then get it to Maine before the 4th of July.  He’ll be live broadcasting on Facebook during the trip.

Anyway, we are in the U.S. on schedule and ready to start the process of decompression and turning our entire lives upsidedown.  *So excited*