Huckleberry Mountain Lookout Hike In Glacier National Park USA

Getting To The Trailhead:

Trail head grid: 48.596969, -114.035363

Lookout grid: 48.600386, -114.134466

Length: 11.9 miles

Difficulty: Moderate 

I stepped off at 7:20 am for a hike up to th eHuckleberry Mountain Lookout. 

The first mile or so was almost flat. Some reviewers wrote about bugs, I only felt a few. 

There is a noticeable incline as you start going up the side of the ridge. The trail had no specifically challenging parts. The trail is well developed and each step you take is just stepping a bight hight. 

A couple miles into it as you make you way though some of the draws is when I noticed the elevation chance and view. I was able to look back west and see for a long way. 

About a mile or so from the top the trail goes through a saddle and changes which side of the ridge it runs on. Thats a cool spot to stand a look out almost 180 degrees in both direction, although it’s a saddle and not a peak. 

The last few steps to the top are. The steepest, but by that point the look out station is well within view and it pulls you in.

View From The Top:
The view from the top is incredible. I was able to walk around the lookout and see a full 360 degrees. A Fire Lookout lives at the lookout (Not actually a ranger a “Fire Lookout”) was ver friendly. She pointed out some of the other lookouts in the park some amazing views where rivers some together and shared about life as a lookout. (Did you know they use mules to bring in supplied every 2 weeks ? And her commute is the same trail hikers use.)

The Ranger (Elisabeth) also took the time to answer  a couple of questions for my 6 year old daughter, who I was able to reach on walkie talkie. (We camped just off of the North Fork Road and were direct line-of-sight between the lookout and RV)

It took about 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to the top. I stayed an hour and then took about 1 hour 40 minutes coming down. My hike up was cloud covered and cool. Down was mostly cloudy and about 75 degrees.

I use WalMart hiking polls but quite often just held onto them because the trail was so narrow, they either got caught in bushes or slipped off the steep side. 

Great Hike, Very Few Hikers:

On my hike up, I was the only person on the trail. On the way down I passed 4 other parties ranging from 2 to 4 people. The parking lot was full at the bottom. (5 or 6 spots total).