Night 1

We departed for parts known on our first night out in the Chief.  Acadia National Park is close and familiar.  As we wait to tie up a few final details, we decided to spend 2 nights camping on Mount Desert Island (the park itself is full this time of year… not a chance of getting a reservation).  This is where we got married so it seemed nice to add “first night in the Chief” to the long list of favorite memories there.

Heading out:





Rollin’ with kids:




Setting up camp:





Inside Acadia – Sand Beach:

The water was a balmy 55 deg F (don’t believe me?  I’m the only one that had the cajones to fully jump in and swim around for a bit (which I attribute to my Viking blood).  Evie and Dad played with crabs and star fish.  There was a bald eagle enjoying the fresh water marsh behind the beach.  It was an all-American kinda day.  Then Ev found the piece de resistance – a sand dollar.  That was a first.






Bar Harbor:





Bill The Piano Player:

We’ve been going to listen to Bill play the piano at the Bluenose Inn in Bar Harbor for over 20 years.  Mom and Dad found Bill more than 30 years ago and we’ve been loyal groupies ever since.  Bill and several of his friends also played at our wedding.  When we go to hear him now it’s a sweet, happy memorial to Dad.  We listen and tell stories about Dad and remember great times.  Going to see him and listening to his music is a special treat that we’re already passing on to Nate, Evie and Jack and their cousins.



As for camping… it went great.  Evie slept in her bed and loved it.  Jack slept on the fold out couch and lasted most of the night on his own.  Scott and I had a real bed in a real bedroom with a real door.  It was quite a treat.  I have a decent learning curve with regard to cooking and meal planning, but we won’t starve.  The Chief ran great as did The Grey Man.  Scott did the first dump station visit.  Call me sexist if you want but I’ve designated that as a “man job” (along with garbage take out and bug killing).


Throwback Wedding Photos: