The Sabbatical

It’s done.  I went down to DC and spent a week checking out of the office.  I spent time with most of our close friends and got caught up on all the goings ons.  I met people in person that I’ve known online for years (which was wicked fun!).  I talked about possibilities for the future after this year (if I decide to return to work).  Finally, on Friday, I turned in my identification and headed out to the great unknown.  Now, I have no place to be for 364 days.

We’re currently in Maine.  The Chief gets released from the RV doc on Weds.  So far so good – new front tires, the awning is reattached and the batteries are rewired.  At this point, the anticipation is hard to manage… so we’ll call on Monday to see if we can get it on Tuesday.  Then I have to clean the hell out of it and hopefully get rid of the drug smell and/or find the drugs and dispose of them.  If the latter happens… we’re up a creek without a paddle.  I won’t do well finding illegal drugs.  Whatever – not gonna worry about that unless….

We’re about a week out.  Grandmom is ready to have her house back.  We’re ready to get exploring.  Nate is ready to ditch school for a week this fall and join us somewhere on the west coast.  It’s all very exciting.