How We Make A Living While Traveling Fulltime

Lots of people ask us “How do you make a living?” or “How do you make money?” once they find out we travel with our family fulltime. We get asked SO often, we decided to let you in on the “secret”.

First, we’re not millionaires. We’re regular people who enjoy travel and want our kids to be able to experience the world. We live comfortably and within our means, but we do it from anywhere we choose.

Second, we have multiple income streams and we work to improve each as we travel longer. We have both active and “Passive” income sources. 

Additionally, we have a bit of income from some of Scott’s older website projects. We also stay open to new opportunities, that could make money, fit our lifestyle and help give others a chance to get on the road.

If you are interested in traveling with passive income sources, keep reading….

Passive Income Sources

Making Money With Our Blog []

Traci writes the blog for herself, for the kids, for friends and family as well as the new friends we’re collecting along the way.

It’s fun and relaxing and she writes from her honest perspective on life.

Again, it’s questions from friends and followers that help direct us. Along with “how do you make money?” a lot of people ask us “How do you start a blog?”, they also want to share their adventures, even if it’s just family vacations.

To answer this we wrote a post How To Start A WordPress Blog .

The post is a walk through of how to get started from nothing. We use Bluehost for some of our projects and used it for years before needing a much higher end hosting, it’s cost effective and pretty simple to get started and they have a partner program, where we get paid if you use our link. As far as we’re concerned this is a win- win – you start a blog and we get paid a bit.

Another way we make money from the blog is by using affiliate links for products we use, believe in or really want! Usually this is through the Amazon Partner Program. We get a percentage of each sale, and it doesn’t change the cost at all for the buyers. Again a win-win.

We don’t want to change anything about how Traci approaches writing because if we were to try to write a post with anything other than telling a story… it would kill the vibe.

Affiliate and Partner Programs:
We’re also affiliates or partners with our favorite brands.  If we’re using something and really like and it makes sense to talk about it in a post for some reason, we’ll put a link to the item where you can buy it.  If you want to click it and you end up buying something because you like it, then we’ll get a small percentage of the sale.

Here are some of our partner program links:

Amazon Affiliate Link

Blue Host Affiliate Link

Garmin Affiliate Link

TripAdvisor Affiliate Link

Travelocity Affiliate Link

TRX Affiliate Link

Blogger Traffic Training Course

The newest piece of this puzzle is a traffic trying course for bloggers. We quickly realized that taking what Scott does for clients and applying it to our blog has allowed us to grow and increase traffic WAY FASTER than what is normally possible.

We also realized that a lot of other bloggers don’t realize how simple paid traffic an be. So we ware testing a new course (currently in FREE BETA testing) all about using paid traffic for blogging.
Unlike typical courses the focus in on smaller budgets and “hacks” to keep the ad costs down. We also plan to make the program really affordable, because we know if you need it, you probably don’t have the money for a typical $1997 Facebook ads course + $999 Pinterest course + well, you get the point.

If you want to get involved early and help me make the course better you can visit this page and simply add your email where we will communicate all updates and trainings.
Blogger Traffic Training 

Niche Blogs and Adsense

Last but not least is a niche blog Scott started a few years ago. It’s The site is all about 4×4 trucks, mud-bogging and anything “off-road”. We have Google Adsense on the site and a Facebook page with 70K following. We’ve automated most of the posting, so this brings in a few dollars each day with no work. (actual “passive” income).

How To Start a WordPress Blog Using Bluehost HostingThe Advertising Agency – Scott started an online advertising agency, The Exfil Project LLC, while we were in Colombia.  The primary focus is Facebook ads but we also work on with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn when they fit the client.
A typical client is an established business with demonstrated sales in the $500k – $3M range annually looking for help leveraging the power of social media.

We offer 3 levels of service –

A. Full service, done-for-you Facebook ads start at $2500/month plus a small percentage of ad spend;

B. Ongoing Consulting (1 hour a week plus chat/email) for $1000/month

C. By the hour consulting to discuss specific questions in depth (if you are not already on one of the other plans) is $500/hour.

We work mostly by referral, but you can contact us here  and we can discuss your specific situation.  We’re happy to talk to anyone who may be interested in services or is simply looking to get a professional opinion on what you are already doing.

Let us know if you have any questions or need help:

Tools we use to run our business:
Resources Page
How to Start A Blog Post 

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