Day 2 – Arches

Jack kicked off the day by learning what happens when you step on a cactus.  Made for an interesting lesson in biology and pain management.  It was an aggressive little cactus too… it left a lot of needles in his foot.  We pulled out everything we could see and used some hydrogen peroxide.  He seems to be ok now but every now and again he winces when he steps so I suspect there will be some needle/tweezer surgery in our immediate future.

For the second day in the park we decided to hike around Devil’s Garden.  The trail difficulty started as green, turned to blue and eventually ended up as red.  We (the entire party of 4) made it part way into the blue before calling it.  Scott made it all the way to the red area by himself.  In retrospect we should have planned better to let him enjoy the red section in full.  Kids…. (although it wasn’t entirely their fault… I would have had a hard time with the red part of the trail too.)






Landscape Arch – kinda hard to see, upper right


The moderate trail




We made it partway up this before the kids and I turned around for safer ground. When they’re older it’s a definite yes.





img_1523-effects img_1524


After the hike we were treated to a nearly full moon.  Jack has claimed it as his.  These pictures don’t do it justice.  I’ve never seen a moon like this.  Even I can see at night which just doesn’t happen.  Normally I walk into walls/cars/people and don’t give it a second thought (thank you night blindness from Dad).  I could get used to this.