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Exploring Duluth, MN

August 26, 2019

Lessons Learned Here’s a lesson I’ve learned while traveling: no matter how well you plan (or avoid planning) for a destination, the absolute best way to see a place, distilled down to its most authentic ingredients, is to get someone who lives there to take you.  Go local.  Always. That’s how we met Duluth. Scott…

Huckleberry Mountain Lookout Hike In Glacier National Park USA

August 25, 2019

Getting To The Trailhead: Trail head grid: 48.596969, -114.035363 Lookout grid: 48.600386, -114.134466 Length: 11.9 miles Difficulty: Moderate  I stepped off at 7:20 am for a hike up to th eHuckleberry Mountain Lookout.  The first mile or so was almost flat. Some reviewers wrote about bugs, I only felt a few.  There is a noticeable…

3 AM In A Driveway

August 24, 2019

I woke up to the sound of Scott moving with purpose.  Usually if he’s just going to the bathroom I don’t even wake up.  But it’s a different sound when someone is being discreet, direct and diligent.  Whatever part of my brain is turned on to monitor the outside world, it notices that in a big way. Me…

World’s Largest Ball of Twine

August 22, 2019

Scott to me, “I don’t know. This looks like some dude’s house. This is weird.” Me, “Yeah. It’s totally weird. Come on anyway. Let’s find this twine!” Finding Twine We were poking around the yard of a private home. I don’t want to throw shade, but maybe it wasn’t immediately obvious that visitors were welcome….

Prentice Park, WI

August 20, 2019

“I love rest areas,” said no one, ever. But dang if we didn’t find one that’s worth a shout out. Is there someplace that collects the Best of Rest Areas? A connoisseur of highway turn outs? If so, I heartily nominate Prentice Park in Wisconsin. Two days before finding the rest area Scott said to…