World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Scott to me, “I don’t know. This looks like some dude’s house. This is weird.” Me, “Yeah. It’s totally weird. Come on anyway. Let’s find this twine!”

Finding Twine

We were poking around the yard of a private home. I don’t want to throw shade, but maybe it wasn’t immediately obvious that visitors were welcome. If anyone does live there, he or she was not at home when we were there.

Roadside America said this was the place to see the world’s largest ball of twine, so it had to be the place. World famous even. I was prepared to do a little looking around. (Even though I am aware that Atlas Obscura claims the largest ball of twine lives in Cawker City, Kansas.)

Scott, “Is that it? I think that might be it under that lean-to. Yup, it’s a giant ball of twine.” Me, “It’s not just a giant ball. It’s the WORLDS BIGGEST BALL… a glorious 23,000+ pounds of twine all in one place.” Scott rolled his eyes. We walked over to it.

Box Checked

Scott, “Ok, come on. Let’s get your pictures and get going. This is still weird.” Oh no no no. There’s a guest book to sign. And handwritten, illegible writing all over the walls to ponder. And we needed to look at his style, how he was growing the ball and the knots he was using. Scott posted himself somewhere that he could see the house and us and let investigate for about 15 minutes.

I wrote our names in the visitor log. It went back all the way to 2015 and people had left some pretty funny comments. I just said something completely dry like, “Nice big ball of twine!” Mission complete: we have finally seen the world’s largest ball of twine.


If you ever want to break up a drive, get on or Atlas Obscura and check out what else is on your route (preferably as you’re driving, but I know some people like to plan ahead).