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Arriving in Glacier

I believe the people that say your cell phone is listening to you all the time. Facebook knows your secrets. Glacier National Park was never on my radar. It seemed ‘cold’ and ‘far away’. Being from Maine – who in their right mind would want to see ice in the summer?! No thank you. Hard […]

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Great Plains Dinosaur Museum

“Aren’t there big dinosaur things to do out there?” This was my mom’s gentle, persistent way of asking for the 100th time when we were finally going to do some dinosaur stuff. I get it. North Dakota/Montana… exactly the right place to fit some dino homeschooling into the schedule. (Although, for the record, the big, […]

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Things To Do in Rugby, ND

No matter what our plans, every day I try to find something a little bit weird or unique for us to see or do. It doesn’t work out every single day, but more often than not I can spice things up just a little bit for fun. That’s how we ended up in Rugby, ND. […]

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