Trail of the Cedars

Our first hike in Glacier was the famous Trail of Cedars. It’s a short 0.8 mile loop that has fairly heavy foot traffic. But it’s certainly worth the fight for a parking space.

We’ve developed a quirky love of trees. It started with the Redwoods in California and the Joshua Trees that look like they belong to Dr. Seuss. Our interest went dormant for a bit while we were in Maine but I had some gift of intuition before we departed and bought several field guides. Then we went on a tree identifying spree with a ranger in Minnesota and we haven’t stopped since. So this trail was a particular treat with some beautiful western hemlocks and red cedars. The humidity in the valley allows them to grow to heights of 100 ft or more and many have diameters of 4 to 7 feet. As you would expect, the air smells wonderful too.

It was a great intro afternoon to the park.