Arriving in Glacier

I believe the people that say your cell phone is listening to you all the time. Facebook knows your secrets.

Glacier National Park was never on my radar. It seemed ‘cold’ and ‘far away’. Being from Maine – who in their right mind would want to see ice in the summer?! No thank you. Hard pass. But when we decided to do another travel about in an RV, GNP was literally between us and Vancouver. Why not?

I didn’t Google the park (until we got there) and I, in classic Amators form, didn’t do any planning. Back in Minnesota Rick and I spitballed the route via hard copy atlas and that’s what I used to navigate us across the top of the country.

But somehow Insta knew. And Facebook knew. I started seeing pictures daily. There were too many to be a coincidence. It was kinda cool but uncomfortably eerie.


Glacier National Park may not have been quite as famous as some of its more southern cousins (or maybe it is for smart people and I was just way behind the curve). The Grand Canyon and Zion get all kinds of accolades. Acadia usually gets a mention. The Everglades have gators and Yellowstone is a real, live volcano. Bottom line, it’s not possible to compare the uniqueness of each park. They’re all special. All I can say is… Glacier is my new favorite. This park called to me. It is special like Machu Picchu, the Amazon rainforest and Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. Each of those locations is world famous so it’s not like I’m way out on a limb by myself.

If I’m using the actual words in my head, the energy is indescribable. No, I don’t have a touch of the fey. I just felt something different.


We found a great little boondocking area to the west of the park and set up camp. We’re about 15 minutes from one of the entrances and we have ok signal (which is really the most important factor in determining the quality of a place for us). There are several other folks around us but it’s quiet and there are a few kids so a merry band is forming. So far so good. Can’t wait to get into the park and exploring!

The neighborhood
former forest fire area…. 10 years of new growth
How did I think this was “bad” in any way?!!? Bad Attitude = Bad.
The world is a man’s toilet. It starts young.
Look at the size of those leaves?!?!?