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Spa Round 2

The Colombians love any excuse to throw a party.   They even have 1 word for what we call a “going away party”.  They call it a despedida (a lot less klude-y, in my opinion).  I’ve seen enough people leave the office to know that I would have to endure some sort of party (or worse, ceremony) but I hadn’t expected that for Evelyn.  In retrospect, it makes sense.  She made her own friends here and she had a lively social life in the park.  So when Yannet raised the idea of throwing her a little something, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Yannet started with, “So… normally there is cake and treats and some other things…”  Ok – sounds easy enough.  “….But I was thinking of something a little different if you’re ok with it, Señora Traci.”  Great – I like different.  “There is a spa that throws kids parties.  Evie could invite her 5 girlfriends to go with her to the spa.”  Interesting – but if this costs anywhere in the ballpark of what a spa day costs me, it’s a no.  “It’s about $10 per child and they each get a massage, time in the whirlpool, a little facial, and a body scrub.”  Sure, why not?!  This sounds like a  hoot.  

By the way, I didn’t go it alone with 6 little girls.  Every little girl had a nanny accompany her to the party (in full disclosure: including mine, so temper the judge-y {Mom – this means you}).  Obviously we’re not rich, so the lifestyle is going away real quick.  For the record, nannies are every bit as awesome as you would think after watching Mary Poppins.

IMG_2013 IMG_2012


.Handmade by Yannet






Yannet arranged the whole thing.  On the day, she, Evie and I piled into an Uber and left for the spa.  What I hadn’t bargained on was WHICH spa.  I never considered that it might the same spa in which Scott and I had our couples massage.  Sure enough…


We walked in and were escorted into the room beside the room Scott and I had been assigned.  So now the ‘balloons’ part of the equation makes sense, right?  Kids party by day, romantic(?)/adult party by night.  Got it.  I couldn’t control my giggles.  Luckily Evie and her 5 little girlfriends were so entertained and lively no one noticed me in the corner snickering.  Same distinct beach scene on the wall (someone is desperate to get to Asia).











  • Pictures of the girls inside the pretty rose petal heart on the floor.

IMG_1904 IMG_1923









  • Hop into the whirlpool for some relax/play with balls time.











  • Massages for each girl.


  • Facials for each girl.


  • Jello, chocolates and lollypops served on a tray to the girls when they in the whirlpool.  #SQUEALS   #MINDSBLOWN











  • Full body scrub made of chocolate.




  • Warm shower.
  • Popcorn and blackberry juice before heading home for naps.

What a fun afternoon.  The romantic/friendly/Turkish bath mindgame only went down in my head.  Everyone had a lovely time and the pictures of the girls are too sweet.  We made another great memory thanks to the thoughtfulness of Yannet.  ♥

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Traci Warren