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Police Encounter #2

Click To Use The Amator’s Amazon Affiliate Link! The whole situation in Tennessee continued to bother me a little.  If the cops had found drugs it would have been a giant pain in the ass and a complete waste of time.  What if there actually were drugs on the Chief and they just didn’t find them? […]

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The Sabbatical

It’s done.  I went down to DC and spent a week checking out of the office.  I spent time with most of our close friends and got caught up on all the goings ons.  I met people in person that I’ve known online for years (which was wicked fun!).  I talked about possibilities for the […]

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The 4th

Pictures from the 4th of July in the middle of nowhere Maine.  This little parade has become quite famous.  Nothing like a good tractor and some horses to make you really get into the spirit of things.   And back at Pink Camp…. (no, it is no longer pink, but I’m organizing a grassroots coup […]

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The Conversation

I’ve got a question but I’m going to lead into it.  Scott and I have been encouraged, supported and high-five’d every step of the build up to this sabbatical.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “That’s awesome.  You’re living my dream.  I wish I could do what you guys are doing.”  I […]

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Tune Up

He’s home.  Finally.  California – Texas – Maine.  That’s 7 days of driving in total (3 in April from CA to TX and 4 this week from TX to ME), 3573 miles and lots of adventures.  To recap, Scott had to call 911 when a car in front of him swerved sharply and hit a […]

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