En Route

Yesterday Scott and Nate had the opportunity to engaged in some creative problem solving.  They arrived at our new DMV in Texas to register The Chief.  Scott had every piece of paperwork needed, apart from one… the bill of sale.  While that may seem like an obvious piece of paper to have handy, I’m in inclined to be impressed that he had everything else.  Within the last 5 days we moved home from a foreign country.  Things are a little out-of-place.

Scott called Sam, the former owner of The Chief.  They rewrote the bill of sale. Sam printed, signed and faxed it to Texas.  Everything was taken care of within a half hour.  I’m a big fan of Sam.  We now have purple heart plates in the mail from Texas.  As Nate not-so-correctly stated, “We now have fake paper plates on The Chief.”  They aren’t fake, but they are paper until we get the normal ones.  Registration, check.

After lunch, the dynamic duo returned and Scott got his Texas license.  Residency established, check.

The only real hiccup happened after that… Scott locked The Chief in the storage unit with the keys (to the storage unit AND The Chief) in it.  He and Nate had to walk to Walmart (5 miles each way) to get bolt cutters that didn’t work.  Serendipitously the storage lot owner showed up and used some of his power tools to liberate the RV.





The fellas are now headed to Maine by way of the Great Lakes.  The Chief has a total system check scheduled to start on 06 July in Maine.  The kids miss Dad a lot but Grandmon and I keeping them busy catching bugs, swimming and generally getting dirty.